Hi, I'm Dacia! The moment that I placed my feet on the ground in Antarctica, the “Continent Countess” was born. Having traveled to all seven continents, I am now sharing my experiences in order to give you some insights into what it is like to jet so far and wide. To date, I have visited 40+ countries and 40+ US states, and I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

As the oldest of three daughters born to an IBM father and nurse/model/makeup artist/banker mother, I guess I unwittingly lived that nomad life early on via my father's job in New York (in its glory days, IBM jokingly stood for I've Been Moved). By the time I graduated high school, my family had lived in four states and I carried on that tradition of mobility by moving to Virginia to attend college. A year after returning to New York to start my adult life after graduation, I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, with a brief stint in Chicago, Illinois.

As a single, statuesque, African-American woman in the early part of my mature years, I love/live to travel solo opting to spend my money on experiences instead of things. I am a thrill-seeker and try to incorporate some of those adrenaline-inducing activities into all my travels. Photography is another hobby that I enjoy, and anytime I travel, I head out with my camera to see what shots I can get. As a cyclist, I usually make time to bike around the places that I visit. I have volunteered for two humanitarian efforts in the Motherland of Africa and hope to return for more since I believe in giving back.

While my current career is in finance, my ultimate dream is to chuck the corporate life and become a full-time nomad/expat! But since I have a mortgage, I work with the generous vacation time I've earned and take numerous domestic and international trips each year. Don't believe in leaving any vacation time on the table. TRUST...I am BLESSED with every new place that I get to experience! Through a series of life events, I learned this lesson a very long time ago: life is short, buy the ticket!

I am here for those of you who:
     * Are afraid to travel solo
     * Think you're too old to start traveling
     * Believe that you need a lot of money to travel

Take it from me, it is never too late to GET. YOUR. LIFE.

All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise noted.